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You sign up for our webmaster refferal program through ccbill and put some banners and links up on your website. A surfer on your website sees our banner and likes the look of it so he clicks through onto BritishHotGirls from yours. We then track this visitor and if the surfer signs up to become a member of our site, you get 50% of their initial fee and each and every month thereafter they remain a member.

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You get 50% of the initial sign up and 50% of the monthly fee each and every month the surfer remains a member of BritishHotGirls.

Q. Ok. Who pays the cheques and handles stats then?

Our partner program is run in association with and they count all stats and will pay a cheque or wire out to you each and every month:)

Q. Anything else?

Finally, we have some photosets available as free content for you to promote BritishHotGirls with, so please contact us for details.

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